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Who are we?

Who are we?



Our mission is to promote and disseminate good practices for the management of the Urban Tree, seeking changes in public policies, corporate practices and culture.

The Urban Tree the backbone for the naturalization of cities.

The Urban Tree is the best ally to address environmental and social issues, such as: improving the quality of air, water, soil, conserving biodiversity, mitigating climate change, improving the health and safety of citizens, improving social equity and is a protagonist for sustainable urban development.

Our fundamentals

Based on the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States that recognizes in its article 4o., fifth paragraph, the human right to a healthy environment for development and well-being, a legal provision that states the following: Everyone has the right to a healthy environment for his development and well-being. And in the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development directly with goal 11. 7 and transversally with other objectives.

For all living things


Arboristas Mexico wants to be recognized as a leading and consolidated organization in the field of conservation, management and management of urban trees, committed to the naturalization of cities through improving the relationship between the tree and the city, thereby improving the quality of life of the population and contributing to the sustainable management of natural resources in harmony with nature.

To do this, it offers the best professional skills to ensure high levels of efficiency in its actions while acquiring a strong commitment to all its stakeholders for the fulfillment of its mission.


  • Teamwork
  • Solidarity
  • Share
  • Optimism
  • Getting ahead in difficulties, which are assumed as overcome challenges
  • bravery
  • Honor
  • humility


Mr. Gonzalo Eliseo Romero Valencia has dedicated part of his life to promoting the good management of urban trees, training anyone who is interested, sowing the seed that germinates in this group.

Since 2017 the C. Ariadna Gonzalez Jacobo, among other collaborators to consolidate themselves as a work team that seeks to promote the movement in Favor of the Urban Tree.

We currently work as natural persons but we are already in the process of legal incorporation. And so we'll be uploading the information from the competent update to keep you informed.